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Financial Aid


Each year, changes are made to federal, state and institutional financial aid. These changes impact both students and institutions. In order to help you prepare for these coming changes, the Financial Aid Office is providing you with the following updates.

Cal Grant

Students with dependents under 18 can receive Cal Grant B awards up to $6,000 (vs. $1,672 in 2018-2019).

Program of Study

Students are required to be in an eligible program to receive federal and state financial aid. A counselor approved MAP with a Local Program of Study at IVC is required for all students who have completed 15 or more units of coursework. Students who have earned less than 15 units of coursework can use their Major/Uniformed Program of Study to qualify for financial aid. Students without approved MAP’s (15 or more units) or with Majors that are blank, undecided or undeclared, will need to update their academic information before receiving financial aid.


Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, all appeals (satisfactory academic progress, income reductions and dependency overrides) will need to be submitted through the Campus Logic-Study Forms system website.