WHAT'S NEW IN FINANCIAL AID FOR 2020-2021? | Financial Aid Office
Financial Aid


Each year, changes are made to federal, state and institutional financial aid. These changes impact both students and institutions. In order to help you prepare for these coming changes, the Financial Aid Office is providing you with the following updates.

Delays in Processing due to COVID-19

Due to the time needed for grades to be posted and academic standings to be calculated, students with a SAP Warning, Probation, or Monitor status or on appeal will not be paid until the 3rd disbursement at the earliest. Further delays should be expected if students have ‘EW’ grades for Excused Withdrawals (due to COVID-19). If students are eligible for Pell Grant and have not received their first Pell disbursement by September 23, 2020, please contact the Financial Aid Office to check on the processing status.

Update to Satisfactory Academic Progress (Associate Degree)

Previously, per the College’s existing Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, “[s]tudents who have exceeded the maximum timeframe for a certificate or degree program, or graduated from an associate’s or higher degree program, will automatically be placed on financial aid suspension and would be required to complete the Maximum Time Frame Appeal in order to be approved to continue to receive financial aid."

Starting Fall 2020, students entering IVC with associate’s degree will no longer be required to submit a Maximum Time Frame appeal to be eligible for financial aid.

Financial Aid Workshops

Financial Aid Workshops will be offered to students for Fall 2020 through a virtual platform. These workshops are intended to help students complete their FAFSA or Dream application and any other financial aid related documents such as verification or appeals. View the Workshops & Events details and meeting information available on the Financial Aid Office home page. Please RSVP.

Ocelot Chatbot

Have questions about financial aid, admissions, or other student services departments? Simply start a chat or ask a question to launch a conversation – Ask an IVC Lasers, virtually!

IVC is ready to launch the Ocelot Chatbot at the start of the Fall 2020 semester. Ocelot Chatbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be available around the clock and allows students to serve themselves at their convenience. Students will be able to search through thousands of questions related to financial aid alone, with the answers updated from time to time to reflect the most current information.

Connecting with the Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office has just launched Cranium Café in addition to email and phone to help students contact staff during business hours.  Students can contact the department using this technology to video chat, send messages, and schedule an appointment. This is the same technology that students are encouraged to use when contacting the Counseling Center and Admissions and Records.

EW Grades and SAP

Students requesting an EW grade due to COVID-19 will not have their financial aid academic progress adversely affected.  This includes students on Warning, Probation or Monitor status.

EW Grades and R2T4

Students who withdraw from all of their Spring 2020 classes due to COVID-19 between 3/13/20 and 6/8/20, and were required to return federal funds, will no longer owe the school or federal government.  Grades must be listed as EW due to COVID-19.

Emergency Grants (HEERF Grant)

The Financial Aid Office has already disbursed almost 1.5 million dollars in federal emergency grants to approximately 3,000 students enrolled for the Spring 2020 semester.  More information will be emailed to students with instructions on how to apply for the emergency grants for Summer or Fall. Until then, more info is located on the Emergency Grants or Emergency Fund and HEERF FAQ pages.