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FAQ: StudentForms

Technical Issues/Account Access

How do I log into StudentForms?

Students can now access the StudentForms account using the same login credentials as MySite to complete and submit verifications and appeals.

When I first log on and had to confirm my information, I was given an error code. What is wrong?

Make sure you enter the Social Security Number in this format ###-##-#### with the hyphens (-). The Date of Birth and Names must match exactly how you report it on the FAFSA.

If all else fails, contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

I received an email notification to access StudentForms to complete my Satisfactory Progress Appeal and/or other document to complete my financial aid file, but I don’t see anything. How can I complete my file?

At this time, students can only complete verification and appeals in StudentForms. Students can contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance with other tasks.

My Parent Was Not Able To Log In To Student Forms To E-Sign My Verification Form. What Are My Options?

Call the Financial Aid Office with your parent on the phone so we can help you and your parent. It could be that they need to verify their email address, or their account is locked, or they don’t have an account set up that is linked to yours yet.

Or, you also have to the option to download a copy of the Verification Form for signatures and upload the signed form to Student Forms. You must click to cancel the signature request first, then click to “Fill Out” the Verification Form again, navigate to the Review & Sign section, scroll down to click the “Opt-Out” of E-Sign, then click “Download” for a copy of the completed form for you and your parent to sign and upload.

Why Am I Not Able To Make Changes To The Dependent Verification Form?

Make sure that you have canceled the signature request before you can make changes to your verification form.

I Made Changes To The Dependent (Or Independent) Verification Form, But The Changes Didn’t Stick. What’s Going On?

You must e-sign the form again for the changes to take effect. If you opt-out of e-signature and choose to download the form instead, then you must click “Download” when you are at the Review & Sign section of the form for the changes to take effect.

After Having Submitted My Verification Document, I Realized I Forgot To Upload Something Or I Uploaded The Wrong Document – How Do I Upload Additional Document?

Contact the Financial Aid Office so we can reject the previous submission for you to make the necessary changes.

I Don’t Know The Password To My MySite Or College Account. Who Can I Call For Help?

Visit the IVC