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FAQ: My Financial Aid Portal

Technical Issues/Account Access

Where can I access My Financial Aid Portal?

You can access your Portal by logging into My Site > My Information > IVC Financial Aid Status. You can also. You can also access the Portal by logging into your IVC email account, select your Portal to be redirected to the login page or click here.

How do I login to My Financial Aid Portal?

The Portal uses the same login credentials that you use when logging into My Site (i.e. your username is your IVC email address, with or without @ivc.edu, and the password is the pin you set for My Site).

What can I access in My Financial Aid Portal?

  • Documents required to complete your financial aid file
  • Status of the documents you submitted (FAFSA, Dream Act, Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal, Maximum Time Frame appeal, Loan Request)
  • Messages regarding the CCPG Fee Waiver and other services offered to students, like EOPS
  • Financial Aid Award Information (if your file is completed and has been packaged for awards)
  • Disbursement information, including how much you will be receiving and when it will be disbursed (Scheduled Dates are by default and serves as reference only)

How do I check if my FAFSA/Dream Act has been received?

Under Menu > Documents & Messages, there will be a list of the financial aid documents that you are required to submit, have submitted, and it will also include the status of the document.

How do I find out what financial aid awards I’m receiving?

Under Menu > Awards, you will see a list of all of the grants, scholarships, and other financial aid awards that you will be receiving that academic year.

When will I be receiving my next disbursement and how much will I be getting?

Under Menu > Awards, if you scroll all the way down, you will see you awards separated by semester. There, you will also see the amount of the award, the transaction date that notifies you of your disbursement, and the actual date that your funds will be disbursed under the Disbursement Information. Please note that we are not able to disclose the amount you are receiving over the phone or by email. For more information on disbursements, check out our Disbursement Information page on our website.

If I haven’t submitted a FAFSA/Dream Act application, will I be able to check My Financial Aid Portal?

No, only students with a submitted FAFSA/Dream Act application on file will be able to access their Portal. If students do not have one of those applications on file or if the Social Security Number (SNN) on the FAFSA/Dream Act application doesn’t match with the SSN on file with Admissions & Records, they will receive an error message when attempting to login.

I can no longer see my Disbursement Information on the drop-down menu, what happened to it?

Double check that the “Current Award Year” is set to the correct year on the Home Page underneath you name. If it is set to a future year, the disbursement information may not be available for that year yet, and you won’t be able to view it on your menu.

My account is locked, how do I unlock it?

If you continue to experience issues, you may contact IVC Tech Support by visiting their website https://tech.ivc.edu/contact-us or calling the IT helpdesk at (949) 451-5696.

I Don’t Know The Password To My MySite Or College Account. Who Can I Call For Help?

Check out the Student Help section here: tech.ivc.edu/student/help or call IVC Technology Services at 949-451-5696.