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Completing Financial Aid File

What Is verification?

Verification is the process which students need to provide additional documentation or information to prove that the information they reported on the FAFSA is correct. The U.S. Department of Education notifies the Financial Aid Office which files to audit. Usually, verification begins by submitting a photocopy of your and/or your parent's federal tax return transcripts and a verification worksheet. Additional information may be requested to resolve missing or conflicting information which will most likely delay the completion of your file.

Is There Anything Else That I Have To Submit To The IVC Financial Aid Office?

After the Financial Aid Office receives an electronic version of your FAFSA, the department will send you a missing information email notification for any additional documents (or information) that are needed to help complete your financial aid file. If you do not receive any email notification requesting additional information or if no required documents are listed on My Financial Aid Portal, then please allow 2 – 4 weeks for the Financial Aid Office to process your information and award your financial aid. You are encouraged to regularly check My Financial Aid Portal for updates.

How Do I Submit My Verification Document And/Or Appeals?

Online. All verification and appeal documents must be submitted online through the Student Forms portal at

Can I Bring My Documents To The Financial Aid Office?

We cannot accept or process any verification or appeal document in person.

The only form(s) we do accept in person are the following:

  1. Aid at Another School Form
  2. Direct Loan Request Form
  3. Release of Personal and Confidential Information
  4. Agency Certification of Untaxed Income Form
  5. Consortium Agreement
  6. Disbursement Reissue – Statement Form
  7. Student Status Change

If you need documents to be scanned to upload, please come to our office during non-peak hours for assistance.

How Long Does It Take For My File To Be Reviewed?

Depends on the processing load, the standard processing time frame for verifications, appeals and/or loan requests is 4 – 6 weeks.

Why Do The Document(s) I Submitted Online Get Rejected?

It could be for one or several reasons, so read the notes left by your financial aid specialist as to what you must do or upload. To view the notes, you should log into the Student Forms portal at

Why Do I Have To Complete An Academic Plan And/Or Choose A Program Of Study When I Have Had No Issues Receiving Financial Aid With My Current Major And/Or Program Of Study Before?

You and your academic counselor may have made recent changes to your Academic Plan that triggers a reassessment of your program of study. Federal regulations require that students be in an eligible program to receive federal and state financial aid. A counselor approved My Academic Plan (MAP) with a Local Program of Study at IVC is required for all students who have completed 15 or more units of coursework. Students who have earned less than 15 units of coursework can use their Major/Uniformed Program of Study to qualify for financial aid. Students without approved MAP, (15 or more units) or with majors that are blank, undecided or undeclared, will need to update their academic information before receiving financial aid.

What Is The Deadline to Complete the Verification and Dependency Override or Income Reduction Appeals?

2019-20 verifications and appeals must be completed and submitted through StudentForms by August 7, 2020.