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Maximum Time Frame Appeal

What Is A Maximum Timeframe (MTF) Appeal? Why Do I Need Submit An MTF Appeal?

Students who have enrolled in 90 units at IVC or exceeded the maximum timeframe for a certificate or degree program must submit a Maximum Timeframe (MTF) Appeal to provide a statement explaining why the student is still attending the college when they should have completed their program of study by that time.

Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree must complete this appeal (and any other document required to complete their financial file) only if they are interested in receiving Direct Loans or Federal Work-Study.

What Do I Need To Do To Complete The MTF Appeal?

To complete the MTF appeal, please log into your Student Forms portal at You will need to complete the following tasks to submit your appeal:

  1. Financial Aid Academic Plan (MAP) – Meet with an Academic Counselor to update your MAP to include all classes that you still need to complete your program of study and all of the semesters you still need to be at IVC to complete that program. If the class is not on the plan, then you will not be paid.
  2. Key Components of SAP Tutorial – Complete “The Key Components to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Financial Aid Appeal Process” online [link provided in the appeal]. Once complete, print a PDF (or print screen) and upload the completion certificate.
  3. SAP Appeal Form – Read the instructions, provide a statement explaining why you are still at IVC if you have already enrolled in at least 90 units at IVC or why you are coming back to a community college if you’ve already earned an associate’s degree, and upload any supporting documentation if you wish.

What Are The Conditions Of MTF Approval?

Students whose MTF appeal was approved are expected to complete all enrolled courses with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Any grades other than a ‘C’ or better, like a ‘W’, will result in the student’s financial aid being terminated.

My MTF Appeal Was Approved. When Do I Receive My Financial Aid Disbursement?

Your disbursement should be disbursed as early as the next disbursement date on the Disbursement Schedule or the one after that depends on when your appeal was approved.