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Emergency Grants

This page continues to be updated as additional emergency grants become available; visit frequently for the latest information.

CARES Act & Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF)

The Spring 2021 Emergency Grant Application is now open! If you are an IVC student currently enrolled in classes for Spring 2021 and in need of financial assistance to help relieve the pressures caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to share that the recently passed CARES Act provides $500 per student in emergency grants. Applications must be submitted online, and funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. Click here for the Emergency Fund Application form.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress and signed into law on March 27, 2020. The CARES Act, provides students much-needed grants to address the disruption of campus operations due to the Coronavirus. One section of the CARES Act established the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF). HEERF provides funds to institutions for emergency financial aid grants to students for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student Eligibility Requirements for HEERF

On April 27, 2020, IVC received funding approval for $4,504,290.00 from the CARES Act, including $18,480.00 from the Minority Serving Institution (MSI) CARES Act, the first half of the allocation going directly to assist as many as 4,980 Fall 2020 IVC students eligible to participate in programs under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. The other half of the funding is allocated to the institution to partially offset any allowable costs associated with significant changes to the delivery of instruction due to the coronavirus. IVC anticipates distributing funds remaining to students in the form of emergency relief grants. As of December 31, 2020, 4,308 IVC students have received a HEERF Grant for the Spring 2020, Summer 2020, or Fall 2020 semester, for a total of $2,171,905.00.

With the June 17, 2020 federal district court ruling in the case brought by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, we have updated our eligibility requirements accordingly. To be eligible for a CARES Act HEERF Grant, a student must be enrolled and attending classes while these funds are available at IVC; declare IVC their college of record for purposes of receiving a CARES Act HEERF Grant and now meet the now-current eligibility requirements for California Community College students.

Previously, the Financial Aid Office reviewed student eligibility bi-weekly to make awards to students and so no separate application was needed. Prior to the court ruling, an email notification was sent to FAFSA eligible students regarding the CARES Act HEERF Grant and completing the FAFSA. Presently, students wishing to pursue a CARES Act HEERF grant need to complete the CARES Act Emergency Grant Application. Awarding of IVC CARES Act HEERF grants is subject to availability of funds, on a first come, first served basis. Students are still strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA or a DREAM App to apply for other types of student aid offered via those applications.

The Spring 2021 application is currently open, and we encourage students to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions: CARES Act & HEERF


  1. Recipient’s Funding Certification and Agreement Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students under the CARES Act
  2. Recipient’s Funding Certification and Agreement for the Institutional Portion of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Formula Grants Authorized by Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act
  3. Grant Award Notification (Award Period: 4/24/20-04/23/2021)
  4. Grant Award Notification (Award Period: 5/06/20-05/05/2021)
  5. Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting under CARES Act Sections 18004(a)(1) Institutional Portion, 18004(a)(2), and 18004(a)(3), (Quarter Ending: September 2020)
  6. Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting under CARES Act Sections 18004(a)(1) Institutional Portion, 18004(a)(2), and 18004(a)(3), (Quarter Ending: December 2020)

ALERT: Phishing Scams Related to the CARES Act and Student Aid

Phishing emails are being received regarding Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding. Stay alert of the phishing scams related to CARES Act student assistance that are likely to surface in the coming days and weeks. Do not provide personal information like your Social Security number or bank account information.

Keep in mind the following tips for spotting scams:

  1. Federal, state, and local governments will not ask you to pay a “deposit” or any other fees to obtain CARES Act grants. Any attempt to collect money in exchange for grants is a scam. 
  2. Neither the government nor Irvine Valley College will request your Social Security number, bank account number, credit card number, or other sensitive information as a prerequisite for receiving a CARES Act grant.
  3. Refer to the Emergency Grant information above and the Emergency Fund FAQ for details about student aid being distributed through the CARES Act.

If you receive a message you believe to be a scam, you can ignore it or check in with the Financial Aid Office by forwarding the email message as an attachment to ivcfinancialaid@ivc.edu.

IVC Emergency Relief Fund

The IVC Foundation can provide supplemental financial resources when members of our campus community find themselves in the midst of an emergency. If you are a currently enrolled Irvine Valley College student who is experiencing unexpected financial stress due to an illness, accident, a natural disaster, or the death of a family member, you can apply for the IVC Emergency Relief Fund. Applications may take up to two weeks to process.