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Financial Aid Office:

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy & Procedures

In accordance with Federal financial aid regulations, financial aid recipients are required to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward completion of their educational goals in order to receive financial aid. This SAP policy is separate from IVC’s academic progress policies. Additionally, federal rules state that SAP standards must include a review of all periods of enrollment, for which the student did and did not receive financial aid. Courses students attempt at both IVC and Saddleback are included in the SAP calculations.


The following requirements must be met in order to receive or continue to receive financial aid.

  1. Complete 67% or more of enrolled units (all units enrolled for at census date). The pace calculation used is completed units divided by enrolled units. Failed (F), Incompletes (I), Withdrawals (W), No Pass (NP), No Credit (NC), Report Delayed (RD) or In Progress (IP) codes after census date will be counted as enrolled but not completed. Credits transferred from other colleges will be counted as both enrolled and completed. Additionally, remedial and ESL courses up to 30 units will be deducted from the maximum timeframe calculation, but included for the GPA and completion percentage calculations.
  2. Maintain at least a cumulative district GPA of 2.0.
  3. Complete associate’s degree within 90 units enrolled and certificate program within 45 enrolled units to meet 150% of the program’s credit length requirement.


Students who complete less-than 70% of their enrolled units or their cumulative institutional GPA falls below 2.0, will be automatically placed on a financial aid “Warning” status for the following semester. A “Warning” email notification will be sent to students informing them that they will need to meet the SAP standards or have their financial aid suspended.

Students who have enrolled 100% of their academic program will be placed on an ‘Alert’ status; those who have enrolled 125% of their program will be placed on a ‘Warning’ status. Both will receive email notifications.


In order to regain aid eligibility, students placed in a "Warning” status must meet the SAP standards at the end of the “Warning” semester (cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better and 70% completion of all enrolled units). Aid eligibility for students who fail to meet these SAP standards will be suspended. Additionally, some students may be automatically suspended based on previous academic history at the Financial Aid Office’s discretion based upon professional judgment standards. Students who have exceeded the maximum timeframe for a certificate or degree program, or graduated from an associate’s or higher degree program will automatically be placed on financial aid suspension. A “Suspension” email notification will be sent to students informing them that they did not meet IVC’s SAP standards, have had their financial aid suspended and steps to filing an appeal.


Students may appeal their SAP suspension by submitting an appeal form with a personal statement, financial aid academic plan (MAP) and documentation of extenuating circumstances to the Financial Aid Office. Appeal forms are available in the Financial Aid Office. It may take 2-4 weeks for the Appeals Committee to evaluate a student’s appeal after it has been submitted in-full to the Financial Aid Office. Students wishing to contest the Appeals Committee decision are able to meet with the Asst. Dean of Financial Aid and Student Support Services. Extenuating circumstances taken into consideration by the Financial Aid Office include, but are not limited, to the following: personal illness or injury, serious illness or death within the immediate family, auto accident or other situation beyond the reasonable control of the student.

Completed SAP appeals must be received by the dates specified for each term on the appeal form, and if approved, for the student to receive funding for the current and following terms (if the student meets the conditions established by the Financial Aid Office) in the school year. Aid cannot be awarded retroactively. For instance, if a student submitted his/her SAP appeal in January, and it was approved by the Financial Aid Office, the student would only qualify for aid for the Spring semester. An "appeal" notification form will be sent to students notifying them of the decision regarding their appeal, including any conditions.

Students are only allowed 2 appeals for low GPA or completion percentage at IVC, and 1 appeal each for exceeding the maximum timeframe for a certificate program or associate’s degree or higher.


If a student's appeal is approved by the Financial Aid Office, he/she will be placed on "Probation" for one semester to monitor his/her progress. During this probationary period, students are eligible to receive financial aid. Depending upon the Financial Aid Office's decision, the student must either meet the SAP standards at the end of the probationary semester or be required to follow a specific academic plan.

The Financial Aid Office will review all probationary students at the end of the specified semester to determine the student’s future financial aid eligibility. If they met the conditions of their appeal they will be placed on a 'Satisfactory' status. Students who met the conditions of their appeal/academic plan, but are still below the overall minimum GPA and completion percentage standards for the College (2.0 and 70% respectively) will remain on a probationary status until they are at or above standards. The conditions of the appeal must be met until the student is in a ‘Satisfactory’ status. There are no exceptions.

For students on a maximum timeframe probationary status, referred to as ‘Monitoring,’ they will remain in that status until they have completed their program. Students will ONLY be paid for classes needed to complete their educational goal/program of study. Additionally, students must complete all classes with a 'C' or better grade in each class (a 'passing' grade is counted as a 'C' grade). No funding will be permitted for repeated or additional courses not listed on the financial aid academic plan (MAP).


If a student fails to meet the probationary conditions of their second SAP appeal due to low GPA or completion percentage they will or being denied their appeal for exceeding the maximum timeframe, their financial aid eligibility will be terminated and student’s will subsequently receive notification. Students may be able to have their financial aid reinstated once they have raised their cumulative institutional GPA to 2.0 and/or complete 70% of their enrolled coursework AND have not exceeded the maximum timeframe to complete their program of study. Please contact the Financial Aid Office to promptly update your SAP status at that time.