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Irvine Valley Card:

IVC Cash Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are my options for receiving my Financial Aid? 

ACH Transfer (Direct Deposit): Funds can be transferred directly to your existing bank account. Funds will be available within 3-5 business days from the date funds are scheduled for disbursement. Timeframe may vary depending on individual banking institution policy. 

Money Network Enabled Cash Card: Funds are available the same day school disburses the funding. 

Paper Check: A paper check will be mailed to the address on file with the Admissions and Records Office. Funds are generally available within 7-10 business days from the date funds are scheduled for disbursement.

What happens if I do not pick one of the disbursement options? 

If you do not select a disbursement option, then your financial aid disbursement will be mailed to you in the form of a paper check. Checks are the default option for all financial aid disbursement unless you sign up for another option. Paper checks also take the longest to process so you are encouraged to select another option that will allow you to access your funds faster. 

What is the Cash Card? 

The Cash Card is a prepaid Money Network Enabled MasterCard that can be accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide (ATMS, stores, online, and more). The card is FDIC insured with Zero Liability Fraud Protection. Financial aid funds can be electronically delivered to your Cash Card in a fast, safe, and convenient way. 

Who is Money Network? 

Money Network is an electronic disbursement solution that provides processing services for over 23 billion prepaid transactions in the US. 

What account options are available to me with the Cash Card? 

Prepaid Account Only: There is no monthly service fee. Students who select the prepaid account do not have to pass the Patriot Act Identity verification. Students are able to write checks with this account. This selection is ideal for undocumented AB540 students or students who wish to use this card only for their financial aid disbursement. 

Prepaid Account with ACH direct deposit: There is no monthly service fee. Students who select this prepaid account option will need to pass Patriot Act Identify verification. Students are also able to write checks with this account selection. This account is ideal for students who wish to have payroll deposited to their account or wish to transfer additional funds to the account via ACH transfer from a friend/family member, Western Union, MoneyGram, GreenDot, PayPal, etc.

How will I get my Cash Card? 

Visit and log on by entering your student ID number, date of birth and school-assigned email address. Select the Cash Card as your preferred option and you will receive your card in the mail in 7-10 days. With your card you will receive a welcome packet that includes a How to Guide, terms and conditions, and three Money Network Checks. You’ll need to call the 800 number to activate your card and set your four-digit PIN that will be used for debit purchases and at the ATM. 

Why is the MasterCard logo on my card? 

Students who select the Cash Card can make purchases wherever MasterCard cards are accepted. There are over 36 million merchant locations and more than 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint Network ATMS. To view surcharge-free ATMS near you, use Internet Explorer to visit or You can also find a surcharge-free ATM through the Money Network mobile app (Android or iPhone). 

What are some benefits of the Cash Card? 

The Cash Card offers students the convenience of banking while on the go with online account access. With the Money Network Mobile App, students can view their account balance and set up text alerts when deposits are made to the card, when the balance gets below a certain level, and more. Also, there are no overdraft fees or PIN debit fees at surcharge-free ATMS and the funds are FDIC insured. 

How is money delivered to my Cash Card or bank account? 

There is a multi-step process in the delivery of funds. First, IVC requests funds electronically from the respective grant provided and applies it to your award account. Next, IVC verifies all information is correct. After verification for accuracy is complete the funds are sent to Money Network. Once Money Network receives the funds information, it is processed and disbursed according to your selection. If the Cash Card is selected, funds could be available within 15 minutes for students to access. Students who select direct deposit will have access to their funds within 3-5 business days. 

Why were checks sent to me in my welcome packet with my Cash card? 

Money Network Checks are a free service for any Cash Card holder. These checks can be written up to 100% of funds available in your account to anyone you’d like. They also can be cashed for free at any Walmart location up to $5,000. Some cash checking merchants may charge transaction fees. Free check cash locations can be found at and the Money Network mobile app. 

Does my college have access to my Cash account? 

No. IVC can transfer financial aid funds to be deposited to your account but the college does not have access to withdraw funding or monitor where you spend your money. 

Can I change my preferences for receiving my financial aid money from IVC? 

Yes you can. If you do not have a Cash Card, then you’ll need to visit and change your selection. If you have selected the Cash Card, then you’ll need to change your selection through​. Once you log in with your account information, there is an option called My School Funding Option. Your preference can be changed there. 

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen? 

You need to call Money Network Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283 as soon as you realize your card is missing or has been stolen. Customer service will be able to re-issue a new card for you, but there is a $6 fee. You will not be held liable for any charges as long as you report your card lost/stolen within 2 days.​​

Is there an app I can use? 

Yes: Android or iOS​

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