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What's New?

Each year changes are made to federal, state and institutional financial aid. These changes impact both students and institutions. In order to help you prepare for these coming changes, the Financial Aid Office is providing you with the following updates.

Year Round Pell Grant — Year round Pell Grant funding has returned. Students can now receive more than 100% of their annual Pell Grant award in an academic year.  For instance, a full-time student enrolled for both the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters receives 50% of their award for each term. When Summer 2018 begins, the same student who is enrolled full-time, can receive another award of 50% (150% total). The Year Round Pell Grant Program allows students to complete their programs faster by enrolling in Summer, winter or mini-sessions by receiving additional funding for educational costs. The same lifetime limits apply of 600%.

BOG D Fee Waiver — Beginning January 2017, students determined as being homeless by the community college financial aid office can qualify for the BOG D Fee Waiver.  Designated homeless students can also qualify for other resources including enrollment priority.  For more information please contact the Financial Aid Office. 

Increased Full-Time Student Success Grant (FTSSG) — Full-time Cal Grant B and C students currently receive the Full-Time Student Success Grant (FTSSG).  For the 17-18 school year, award amounts have now increased to $1,000 for the year or $500 per semester.

Community College Completion Grant (CCCG) — The California Community College Chancellor’s Office is implementing a new State grant program for full-time students enrolling in 15 or more units each term.  Students must already be eligible for the Cal Grant B or C and the Full-Time Student Success Grant.  More info will be coming out in the next several months regarding this new opportunity.