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What's New?

Each year changes are made to federal, state and institutional financial aid. These changes impact both students and institutions. In order to help you prepare for these coming changes, the Financial Aid Office is providing these ongoing updates on this site.

  • BOG Fee Waiver – Beginning with the Fall 2015 term your academic progress at IVC will also be applied to the BOG Fee Waiver. Presently, students with 2 consecutive terms of less-than a 2.0 GPA and/or cumulative course completion of 50% or less may lose their enrollment priority. Based upon how you perform academically during the 2015-2016 school year you could also lose your BOG Fee Waiver beginning with the Fall 2016 semester.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress – Beginning with the Summer 2015 term, the Financial Aid Office will be monitoring student academic progress for financial aid eligibility at the end of each semester. For more information on IVC Financial Aid satisfactory academic progress policy please visit the Financial Aid Office website.
  • Full-Time Student Success Grant Program – The State of California approved a $39 million dollar budget increase to fund the Full-Time Student Success Grant at California Community Colleges for the 2015-2016 school year. Full-time Cal Grant B students will receive awards of $600 ($300 per semester). For more info please visit
  • Federal Direct Loans – Beginning with the Spring 2016 term, students submitting new loan requests will need to have completed 24 units of college level coursework and have a Satisfactory academic progress status to borrow a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan at IVC.
  • FATV – New online video resource for students that provide tutorials on applying for financial aid, financial aid programs and policies.


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