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Cost of Attendance

2019-2020 Academic Year

The cost of attendance includes not only college fees and books and supplies but also basic living expenses. IVC uses two different budgets, one for students living at home with their parents and one for students living off-campus on their own or with roommates. The budgets represent California state averages. Your actual expenses may be higher or lower than the amounts listed below.

Living With Parents (9 Months) Living Away from Parents (9 Months)
Enrollment & Health Fees $1,144 $1,144
Food and Housing $6,786 $15,084
Personal $3,564 $3,996
Books and Supplies* $1,972 $1,972
Transportation $1,134 $1,278
Total Resident: $14,600 $23,474
Total Non-Resident $21,512 $30,386
*Use CSAC info for non-tuition/fee expenses, but needed to round up $1 (from $1,971) due to PowerFAIDS setup limitations.
  • Based upon an average of 12 units per term
  • Resident tuition: $46 per unit
  • Non-resident tuition: $288 per unit ($258 non-resident tuition fee + $30 Capital outlay fee). Total for 2019-2020 academic year is $6,912 ($288 x 12 units = $3,456 x 2 semesters)
  • State mandated health fee per semester: $20 for Fall and Spring; $17 for Summer
  • All fees and tuition are subject to change