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Financial Aid Office:

The Board of Governors Waiver Program (BOGFW)

NOTICE | Loss of BOG Fee Waiver Eligibility​ — Beginning with the Fall 2016 semester, students can potentially lose their BOG Fee Waiver eligibility if they were on academic probation for 2 consecutive primary terms beginning with Fall 2014. Students who lose their eligibility may submit an appeal For more information on the BOG Fee Waiver appeal process please visit to the Admissions & Records website​


This is a state fee waiver program that was designed to provide educational assistance for eligible California residents attending a California community college by waiving the enrollment fees. Students can apply by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or BOG Fee Waiver online application.

Following are the different types of BOG Fee Waivers at California Community Colleges:

BOG A — For students receiving various forms of government assistance such as TANF, SSI/SSP or General Assistance. Students applying for the BOG A will have to submit the online application and submit a Agency Certification Untaxed Income found on the Forms section.

BOG B — For students meeting specific income requirements. Income ceilings can be viewed at the Chancellor's Office website.

If you do not qualify for a BOG because your income or your parents income is over the ceiling, you may still qualify for a BOG through the FAFSA or CA Dream App (for AB540 students). Please read the instructions located under "How to Apply" for information on completing a BOG through FAFSA or CA Dream App.

BOG C — For students who have demonstrated financial need per the FAFSA of at least $1,104.

You must provide both a student ID number and a Social Security Number on the BOGFW Application.

You are only able to submit the BOGFW application once. If there are any mistakes on the application submitted you will either need to fill out the FAFSA to possibly be eligible through Method C or pickup a paper application from the Financial Aid Office.

BOGFW Online Application

If you have already registered and paid your fees, you can still apply for a BOGW. If you are eligible for the waiver, you can then request a refund of your enrollment fees (but only for the semester in which you apply). For additional information regarding the refund process please visit the Bursar's Office website.

If you do not have a Student ID, you will need to complete the online Enrollment Application with the Admissions and Records Office. For more information, click on How to Apply.

Attention Students: The BOG Fee Waiver application will no longer be processed in person. You must complete a BOGFW application online. Please allow 24-48 hours for your application to be processed. You will receive​ a confirmation email when your fee waiver application has been processed. Once a fee waiver has been awarded for the academic year, it will remain active until 06/30/2017. BOGFW applications must be renewed annually and it is recommended students complete before Fall registration each year.

Parking Discount for BOGFW Recipients:

BOGFW eligible students get a $10.00 reduced price on their $80.00 annual or $40.00 semester parking permit. If you did not get a discounted price at the time you purchased your parking permit, contact Parking Services at (949) 451-5200 or email to request a partial refund on your semester or annual parking permit.

Note: IVC prefers to use the FAFSA or the California Dream App (for AB540 students only) to determine overall student eligibility for not only the BOG Fee Waiver, but also for other federal and state aid programs such as the Pell Grant, Cal Grant, Work-Study and Direct Loans.

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