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Disbursement Information and Schedule

Important Notice to Students:

When students are ready to be disbursed their financial aid funds they will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office directing them to activate their account with Money Network. For more information about this disbursement option, please visit the IVC Cash Card website.

  • Students must make a disbursement selection otherwise there will be delays in receiving their refunds.
  • Please note that the fastest means of receiving a refund is either thru the Money Network debit card or as an electronic transfer to your personal checking or savings account, both electronic options.
  • Money Network deposits are made the same day, transfers to your personal checking or savings accounts take 3-5 business days and paper checks 7-10 business days. Please plan accordingly.

Spring 2018 Schedule

​Disbursement # for Term Disbursement Date Funds Included
​Thursday, January 18
(for classes starting on or before 1/21/18)
​Pell Grant
​​Thursday, February 8
Pell Grant
Friday, February 23
Thursday March 8
​5 ​Thursday, March 29 ​All

Monday, April 16
(2nd half of Pell Grant and SEOG)
​7 Tuesday, May 15​ ​All

General Information
— Most funds are disbursed in half for the award year. Additionally, Pell Grant disbursements are divided into (2) payments each term. Cal Grants, Full-Time Student Success Grant (FTSSG). Completion Grant and Direct Loans are first disbursed on 2/22/18, while FSEOG funds are disbursed to students on 4/16/18.

Spring Students on SAP Warning, Probation or Monitor Status — Will not be paid until the 2nd disbursement at the earliest due to the time needed for grades to be posted and academic standing calculated. Additionally, students need to maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete 70% of their enrolled coursework in order to continue to receive their financial aid. More information on the College's SAP policy is located on the Financial Aid Office website.

Scholarships — A thank you card to your donor(s) must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office before check(s) can be issued. The majority of the scholarship checks will be available for pickup in the Bursar's Office by August 21, 2017 and you will be notified by email when your check is ready. If you received an Osher Scholarship, your check will be available by February 19, 2018, as we have to verify your enrolled credit units. You must be enrolled at a minimum of 6 units and have the BOG Fee Waiver. Your scholarship will be issued in two payments, one in Fall 2017 and one in the Spring 2018. If you are transferring this Fall 2017, please send your transfer information (e.g. transfer school name, address and student ID) to so your check(s) can be sent to your new school.

ESL and Basic Skills Courses — Students will only be paid up to 30 units of enrolled coursework in ESL or Basic Skills courses. After 30 units, ESL or Basic Skills courses are not factored into the enrollment used to determine eligibility for financial aid disbursements.

Late Starting Classes — Students cannot be paid for classes until after they have started. Classes added after February 5th will not be paid until the second Pell Grant disbursement on April 16th. Be sure to register early.

Non-Residents — Your tuition and fee charges will be deducted from your financial aid and any remaining credit balances refunded to you afterwards through Money Network.

Drops and Withdrawals — Students withdrawing from all of their classes before 3/29/18 may owe federal aid funds back to the U.S. Department of Education. Additionally, students dropping below half-time on or before 3/29/18 may owe a federal Pell Grant overpayment. Always consult with a Financial Aid Office staff member before dropping ANY classes or withdrawing for the term.

Pell Grant Recalculation Date — Pell Grants are not adjusted for enrollment for students (up or down) on or after 3/29/18. Please plan accordingly.

For more details please contact the Financial Aid Office.